Hydraulic hatch cranes
in aluminium

Blommaert hydraulic hatch cranes are designed to enable Frisian-style hatch covers and other stackable marine hatch covers to be carefully stacked and moved. This combination is ideal because it ensures that all the elements in each project are coordinated. The most commonly used are the type HLW hatch cranes, either in the retractable version or otherwise (because of gangway width). We also make s-HLW hatch cranes or manually operated hatch cranes for smaller vessels, tug-pushed barges and vessels that need to open and close occasionally or do not have a power supply.

Technical specifications HLW hatch crane:

  • Basic construction: single-channel steel span as connection between 2 vertical tubes
  • Both raised tubes move up and down over inner tubes using hydraulic cylinders
  • Stainless steel inner tubes mounted on trolleys with hydraulic drive motors
  • Scoops gripping the hatches hinged to hatch crane upper section
  • Tubes and steel parts blasted and coated with zinc paint
  • Central hydro unit shielded with aluminium hood
  • Lighting at sides to illuminate the workplace
  • Stand platform with platform bracket
  • Derailment protection
  • Cable reel with strain-relieved cable
  • CE marking and electrical components at least IP55

Hand-operated hatch cranes
in aluminium

For ships that only need to open and close occasionally or do not have a power source. Much simpler built than hydraulic hatch trolleys.

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