Aluminium aft masts
for marine

Our aluminium roof-mounted radar masts are mounted on the wheelhouse. This enables the space on the aft deck to be used optimally. Folding the radar mast forward or back or lowering it telescopically requires only a short movement. As an option, the decorative wings can also tilt.

Discover the different
Types of aft masts

Type Futura

‘Futura’ is our best-selling roof-mounted radar mast. The D-shaped mast body matches our Improval and Hazard masts perfectly. Extensions for satellite antennas are available in various forms: Loma (satellite antenna next to the radar unit) or Isis (satellite antenna behind the radar unit).

Type Aquateam

This is a D-model with a rounded straight tube.

Type Nikki

‘Nikki’ is the simplest version of a roof-mounted radar mast. In other words: price-friendly and compact.

Type Arizona

It fits in perfectly with the other masts in our Arizona line.

Type Iduna

‘Iduna’ is a double roof-mounted radar mast with a one-piece wing and folding outer sections.

Telescopic Roof-mounted radar masts

A roof-mounted radar mast with aluminium wings that can be lowered telescopically.

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