Solar hatches for shipping

At Blommaert, we contribute to making inland navigation more sustainable. By investing in integrated solar panels onto hatches you will save on fuel costs and will need to use the generator less. There is also the advantage of becoming less dependant on shore power. You can also expect a lasting return on investment.

What are the advantages of
solar hatches for inland navigation?

With solar panels on your hatches, a 100% green energy will be generated. You will save on shore power and fuel costs. When combined with a battery system, Solar hatches reduces the time you will need to use the generator, allowing for savings on maintenance costs and also extending the lifetime of your generator. Solar panels allow you to be less dependent on price increases of fuel and shore power, now and in the future, as solar energy is free. Purchasing solar panels also allows for tax benefits and subsidies. These are applicable on both the custom hatches and the battery and solar panel system. With a Solar shutter system you can therefore achieve a return of 5 to 10% per year*.

Our solar panels are highly efficient, thin and ultra lightweight. The solar panels require little maintenance, are dirt-resistant, robust and will be custom designed for your hatches. All components are IP67 certified and protected against dust, corrosion and salt water.. This is a complete solar panel system including integrated micro-inverters and cabling. The system is plug & play and can be easily connected to the on-board grid by your electrician.  

*Figures are indicative and depend on location, subsidies and fuel prices.

Invest smartly

Experience efficiency and become independent of fuel prices, shore power points and an idling generator.

Make your ship more sustainable

With solar panels, you are contributing to the planet. Reduce emissions and make inland shipping an even greener mode of transportation.

Enjoy comfort

Forget lugging shore power cords and enjoy the quiet of generator-less days, for yourself and nearby residents.

Exclusive technology

All in one system

Solar panels, cables and micro transformers installed in your roof. Easily connectable.

Plug-and-play system

The solar shutters act as a generator on your existing on-board grid. This immediately relieves your diesel generator.

New construction and retrofit

Interchangeable and stackable or sliding with regular shutters. Suitable for both new and retrofit on existing shutters.

Yield insights

Live monitoring of energy yields thanks to our smart Solar box. Panels can be optimized individually.

Calculate your savings

Wondering how much solar energy can be generated and how much this can save you annually?

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Example of returns


96 solar panels

8 trio friesche kap hatches


264 solar panels

22 trio friesche kap hatches

*Figures are indicative and depend on location, generator system, battery pack, and fuel rates

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