Blommaert designs, calculates, manufactures and installs. But it doesn’t stop there. Even after installation, we are at your service with our additional services: maintenance, overhauls, repairs, etc.

Maintenance for your installation

Would you like to have periodic maintenance or an overhaul, as appropriate, of your installation? Our technicians can come on board for this or you can always visit our workshops in Wijnegem, Belgium or Rotterdam, the Netherlands. If necessary, wearing parts such as bearings or hydraulic hoses are replaced by spare parts from our automated warehouse. Wijnegem (B) or Rotterdam (NL). Indien nodig worden slijtgevoelige onderdelen zoals lagers of hydraulische slangen vervangen door wisselstukken uit ons geautomatiseerd magazijn.

Reliable total service

Our technical staff have all the skills needed to offer you a reliable comprehensive service, from commissioning to monitoring your installation throughout its life.

This outstanding service package has played an important role in the success of our company in recent years and is due to two factors: 24/7 in-the-field availability and a team of specialised mechanics, deployable throughout Europe and far beyond.

Repairs across Europe

Blommaert will take it over completely from you in the event of damage. From on-site surveys to drawing up the damage report, contacts with insurance experts and transport to rapid and professional on-site repairs throughout Europe. That is how we solve the problem without costly and unnecessary delays.

Get in touch

Would you like to schedule a maintenance or do you have damage that needs (urgent) repair?  Contact Blommaert without obligation and we will contact you shortly.