Mobile roofs

Blommaert Aluminium is the market leader in aluminium marine hatches for inland vessels. We also apply this expertise to the production of mobile covers for on land.

What are the benefits
of a mobile roof

We have further developed our cutting-edge technology and know-how in mobile marine roofing to apply it to mobile roofs for shore-based facilities.

Blommaert aluminium mobile roofs are widely used for storage and transhipment applications involving a wide variety of bulk and other goods. They can be operated either with a manual winder or electric motors.

Their aluminium construction is corrosion-resistant, making the roofs particularly suitable for storing chemical and/or corrosive products. They also offer a reliable solution in agriculture, recycling, road construction, public services, etc. And they do so for storing and protecting sand, recycling materials, biomass, salt, wood chips, wood pellets, manure, straw, compost, artificial fertiliser, sludge, asphalt, and much more.

Mobile roofs
existing applications







Enjoy a double advantage
with mobile roofs

Building a warehouse with sliding shutters brings a double advantage:

  • The mobile sliding roofs can be opened to 100%. This saves time when loading and unloading your bulk goods.
  • The mobile sliding roofs can be closed 100%. The storage area is thus optimally protected from weather and other conditions.

Blommaert mobile roofs provide 100% roof opening, making loading and unloading from above quick and easy. This enables work on docks, for example, to be carried out with cranes between the vessels and the silos, which means that wheel loaders or forklifts are no longer needed. Hence: less equipment and reduced man-hours.


Integrated solar cells
for mobile sliding roofs

Blommaert mobile sliding roofs can now be fitted with solar panels as well. This can drastically reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions. The system works with thin and lightweight solar panels, which are custom-made and integrated into the roof. By combining solar panels with recyclable aluminium, at Blommaert we are helping you to make the switch to a more environmentally conscious way of working.

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