Aluminium sliding hatch covers
for bulk and inland navigation

Blommaert aluminium sliding hatch covers meet all bulk and inland navigation needs. They are tailor-made for the vessel, durable, easy to maintain plus, thanks to their low weight, easy to operate manually. The more panels on different levels, the further they can be opened.

EPDM seals between the levels keep the hold dry, and the hatch covers have guide wheels on only one side to compensate for differences in hold width. In addition, they can be easily stacked using hydraulic cylinders.

Type Sliding hatch covers

Delta Sliding hatch covers

Our Delta type sliding hatch covers are lightweight, self-supporting and easy-to-operate aluminium hatch covers for spans up to 15 metres. They are often used on tug-pushed barges.

Technical specifications:

  • Cover model with double ridge option

  • Top plating thickness: 2.5 mm (3 mm optional)

  • Side wall thickness: 4 mm (5 mm optional)

  • Horizontal section in checker plate

  • Ridge reinforced on underside

  • Top plating folded in strong pile planking section

  • Top plating mounted on 4 mm aluminium side walls with supports on the inside

  • EPDM seals against water ingress

  • Stainless-steel wheel housings in side walls with wheels on double bearings and stainless-steel axles

  • Lock housings in stainless steel throughout

  • Sturdy storm hooks on each hatch


  • Easy to move manually because they are slightly lighter than smooth sliding hatch covers
  • Lightweight thanks to self-supporting and particularly strong pile planking structure
  • Easy to maintain thanks to a limited number of mechanical parts
  • Span up to 15 metres

Smooth sliding hatch covers

Our Smooth type (abbreviated to ‘GL’) sliding hatch covers have a smooth surface. The hatch ridge features a walkway in non-slip checker plate. The panels slide telescopically into one another on the wheels under them.

Technical specifications:

  • Smooth surface
  • Walkway in checker plate
  • Thickness of aluminium sheet: 3 or 4 mm
  • Top plating mounted on strong aluminium box section structure
  • EPDM seals against water ingress
  • Tracked on one side to compensate for differences in hold width
  • Wheels on bearings, storm locks, handle casings and stainless-steel locking in sides of hatch covers


  • Checker plate on the ridge prevents slipping when walking on the hatch
  • Easy to move by hand thanks to lightweight aluminium construction
  • Easy to maintain thanks to a limited number of mechanical parts
  • Opening variable depending on the number of levels (2, 3 or 4)
  • Stackable option using hydraulic cylinders


Stacking hatch covers

The HD pile planking and HD-GL stacking hatch covers only take up a single level, making them perfectly stackable. This allows for an extra-large loading and unloading opening of up to 90%. Stacking hatch covers are flexible hatch covers which, depending on the number of hatch covers stacked and the staggering of the other hatch covers, enable a customised opening to be achieved depending on the application or weather conditions.

Technical specifications:

  • Heavy aluminium sections as a base for stackable hatch covers
  • HD pile planking: self-supporting pile planking in aluminium sheet (2.5 or 3 mm) with a checker plate walkway
  • HD-GL: hatch covers supported by box sections with smooth aluminium plating (3 or 4 mm) and central non-slip walkway
  • Aluminium wheel housings welded to side section with wheels on double bearings and stainless steel axles
  • Single-handed operation possible
  • Cast stacking housings and storm lock supports for removable storm hooks
  • Equipped with a hydraulic system in all cases


  • Heavy Duty version
  • Loading and unloading opening up to 90%
  • Flexible system: by sliding and stacking, you determine the position of the opening yourself
  • Reduced track width thanks to a single height

Integrated solar cells
for mobile sliding roofs

Blommaert mobile sliding roofs can now be fitted with solar panels as well. This can drastically reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions. The system works with thin and lightweight solar panels, which are custom-made and integrated into the roof. By combining solar panels with recyclable aluminium, at Blommaert we are helping you to make the switch to a more environmentally conscious way of working.

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