Aluminium aft masts
for marine

Blommaert's hydraulic and remote-controlled aft masts are not only functional but also very attractive. They are made of aluminium and are mounted on the deck or the wheelhouse substructure.

All aft masts can be equipped with side wings or yards, suitable for mounting a radar unit, satellite antennas and other fixtures. Cables, hoses and cylinders can run both inside and outside the mast. For optimum protection, we can finish the aft mast in high-grade paintwork.

Discover the different
Types of aft masts

Type Progress

With its rounded shapes and quality paintwork in white or grey metallic, the ‘Progress’ aft mast is the flagship of our radar masts. This aesthetic aft mast is equipped as standard with a double-acting cylinder and a star-shaped decorative wing that you can fully customise yourself.

Type Kenyro

A brand new type of aft mast mounted on the wheelhouse structure. The D-model with a star wing and an aft-leaning body typify this mast.

Type Hazard

A solid aft mast in an elegant D-shape. The ‘Hazard’ aft mast is excellent value for money.

Type Celandro

A solid, elegant aft mast with a rounded front and curved aft side. Ideal for narrower vessels thanks to the narrow mast body. The aft mast presents itself as a whole thanks to its D-shape. We always supply the mast with standard profiled wings with attachment points and a choice of layouts (lamps, antennas, etc.).

Type Arizona

‘Arizona’ is a functional, rectangular aft mast that is very budget-friendly thanks to its sober shape and design. Despite its slim line, we can still incorporate the parallel bar and cylinder nicely inside the mast.


At Blommaert we make all our products entirely to order and tailored to your needs. Do you have a specific design in mind? Please let us know! We will design your ideal mast in collaboration with our sales staff and engineers.

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