Aluminium foremasts
for marine

The installation of a foremast offers several functional and aesthetic benefits. At Blommaert you can choose from different types of hydraulic foremasts, which can be remotely controlled. They are fully customised to suit your needs and wishes as closely as possible.

Aluminium or stainless steel? Telescopic? Folding forward or back? With or without side wings? Cable ducts running along the inside or the outside? With high-grade paint finish? You can configure your own ideal foremast (including masthead and radar). We always ensure that it will be lower than the air draft with the mast down.

Discover the different
types of foremasts

Type Arizona

‘Arizona’ is a simple, but very substantial mast. The shape of the tube is matched to the air draft with the mast down. Standard profiled wings with a choice of layout, and all cables, hoses and cylinders are contained inside the mast.

Type Celandro

‘Celandro’ is a sturdy, elegant foremast with a rounded front and curved back. Ideal for narrower vessels. The mast folds forward and is supplied with standard profiled wings with a choice of layouts (lamps, antennas, etc.).

Type Improval

‘Improval’ is a sturdy, forward-folding mast that has proven its soundness and quality on many vessels over the years. A true classic that is also available in XL and XXL format for wider vessels.

You can also opt for an ‘Improval Progress’ type foremast. It features special rounded Progress wings. This mast is always supplied in a lacquered version and you choose the layout and attachment points on the wings entirely yourself.

Type Hazard

Our Hazard foremast is unique of its kind with its backward-folding mast. Its D-shaped mast body creates a distinct profile tapering into a stately whole. ‘Hazard’ is equipped as standard with profiled wings with a choice of layouts. All cables, hoses and cylinders are built into the mast.

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