Fully integrated solar panels

At Blommaert, we contribute to making the built environment more sustainable. By investing in integrated solar panels on mobile sliding roofs you will start saving on energy costs immediately. At the same time you will be contributing to a more sustainable planet, optimise your use of space, and see return on investments for years to come 

What are the advantages of
integrated solar panels?

With integrated solar panels on your hatches you can generate 100% clean energy, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. It allows you to save on energy bills and you can even receive money back when trading them in. Due to the average lifespan of 25 years, return on investments can be up 4 times the initial investment. Through the use of integrated solar panels, you will not be dependant on energy suppliers and ever rising prices. In fact solar energy is free. Furthermore the purchase of our solarpanels comes with tax advantages and the possibility to receive subsidies. 

Integrated solar panels allow for an optimal use of the space on board. There will be no need to remove anything on board to make space for the panels. It is also a way to meet increasingly stringent building standards such as the BENG standard.

Our systems work with highly efficient, thin and lightweight solar panels. They are low maintenance, dirt-resistant, robust and customdesigned to fit your ship. It is a fully integrated system equipped with integrated micro-inverters and cabling. The system is plug & play and can be easily installed by your electrician.  

Figures are indicative and may vary depending on location, setup and energy contracts

Invest smartly

Become independent of fluctuating energy prices. Experience years of returns using the sun’s everlasting energy.

Make your space more sustainable

Using solar panels contributes to a more sustainable planet, reduces emissions, enables you to meet the latest requirements and to build energy neutral or even energy positive.

2 for 1

The solar panel system is prefabricated and installed in your sliding roof. This allows you to regulate both your sliding roof and solar panels in one go.

Exclusive technology

Highest quality

Highly efficient, robust and dirt-resistant. Specially designed for covering, storing and transferring.

All in one system

Solar panels, cables and micro transformers installed in your roof. Easily connectable.

New construction and retrofit

No additional weight or height due to the lightweight and compact components. Suitable for new and already existing roofs.

Yield insights

Live monitoring of energy yields thanks to our smart Solar box. Panels can be optimized individually.

Calculate your savings

Wondering how much solar energy can be generated and how much this can save you annually?

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Example of returns


24 solar panels

7-meter span, 10-meter depth


144 solar panels

15-meter span, 25-meter depth

*Figures are indicative and may vary depending on location, setup and energy contracts

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