September 18, 2022

Total project for Woudenberg local authority

Blommaert delivered a new project to the Woudenberg local authority site jointly with Noord Chemicals and Vink contractors.

The order consisted of the erection of a salt barn and a separate storage building for the gritters.

The salt barn consists of Legioblock® interlocking concrete blocks with a sliding roof on top consisting of 3 Delta sliding hatch covers. We always use AlMg3, a high-grade aluminium alloy. This alloy is ideal with regard to its resistance to salt and is also used in the manufacture of our marine hatch covers which obviously need to be resistant to saline seawater.

The roof is operated by a stainless-steel manual winder. The rail trough also provides rainwater drainage. Blommaert also fitted the salt barn with an aluminium door.

The storage building for the gritters and other machinery features a polycarbonate roof. We use 16 mm polycarbonate sheets for this. This guarantees the soundness of the roof!

The entire project was completed in 4 days.

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