A sliding roof from Blommaert for storing materials?

In Stahlhausen, een stadsdeel van Bochum, centraliseert de stad een groot deel van haar technische activiteiten op een oppervlakte van maar liefst 16.500 m²….

In Stahlhausen, a district of Bochum, the city centralises a large part of its technical activities on an area amounting to 16,500 m². The city’s new central depot will be built on a former Thyssen Krupp site. MBN, a contractor, has been appointed to renovate the site completely.

One of the challenges was to build a simple and rapid cover that would ensure long life for the materials used. This is because previous arrangements, in which the materials were covered with a tarpaulin structure, had given rise to many problems. This is where Blommaert’s aluminium sliding roofs came into the picture.

It was decided for asphalt and salt storage to use several aluminium sliding roofs placed on Legioblock® interlocking concrete blocks from A. Jansen BV. A total of 5 bays are covered with 3 sliding roofs.

2 sliding roofs measuring 11.2 x 7 metres

1 sliding roof measuring 5 x 7 metres