Salt storage for BAM at the Chemelot site

In opdracht van ingenieursbureau Royal Haskoning en aannemer BAM heeft Blommaert een nieuwe zoutloods gebouwd op de site van Chemelot in Geleen….

Blommaert builds salt storage for BAM at the Chemelot site in Geleen.

Commissioned by Royal Haskoning, an engineering consultancy, and BAM, a contractor, Blommaert has built a new salt storage barn on the Chemelot site in Geleen, the Netherlands. The customer’s priority was a sustainable, low-maintenance facility. Since our roofs are made of AlMg3 aluminium and all our components are made of galvanised or stainless steel, this new building is guaranteed a very long service life .

The salt storage consists of 2 bays measuring 18 x 5 metres, each featuring a sliding roof canopy consisting of 4 sliding hatch covers. Both roofs are operated independently by a stainless-steel hand winch.

What is Chemelot?

Chemelot is much more than just the name of the large industrial complex around the intersection of the A2 and A76 motorways. Today, some 8,000 people work on the estate and many of them are known as suppliers. From patisseries to cleaning companies, from haulage companies to landscapers. It is also important that people know what is happening around the estate. What activities are taking place and what actually happens when flaring occurs?

Work at the Chemelot site is carried out in accordance with very strict safety requirements. The regulations and their implementation are therefore all in order. Chemelot is a chemical/industrial-oriented area extending to 800 hectares in South Limburg. The site is unique on account of numerous factors:

its central location in South Limburg

good accessibility by rail, road, pipeline and airport

the presence of a large number of factories that complement one another

the umbrella permit

the unique cooperation between factories, R&D and pilot plants

The site also offers a number of central facilities: fire service, general maintenance, an industrial emergency organisation, infrastructure and regulations. Chemelot is also the name of the organisation that is the central point of contact for the companies in the industrial complex and the campus, as well as for potential residents on the site, the surrounding area and the authorities. It is also very active in attracting new business and industry, stimulating business-to-business cooperation and initiating contacts with the outside world.